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  • ZEC/USD: 542
  • ETH/USD: 1140.15197433
  • XRP/USD: 1.52918143
  • BCH/USD: 1973.73260166
  • LTC/USD: 206.08000013
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Congratulation and holiday + 10%
Dec-20-2017 09:33:37 AM
Our fund has been working successfully for 50 days.
Christmas and New Year are coming and the administration will give + 10% to each deposit. For every 5 active partners bonuses will be added.
Festive action will last until January 8 inclusive.
Congratulations to all on the coming holidays and we wish you success.
We will work in normal mode.
Payments on shares and the continuation of work
Dec-14-2017 10:05:28 PM
Promotion + 30% to your deposit is over. Our investors already make a profit on equity deposits. Congratulations to all the lucky ones.
But even without a share, we are a very profitable organization, so join us.
Share + 30% extended for 2 days
Dec-11-2017 11:28:13 PM
Bonuses + 30% for the past period have already been credited to everyone.
The bonus reserve is not yet exhausted, so we extend the promotion until 23:59 on December 13 (time in London)
You can make several deposits, bonuses will be credited to every deposit you make.
Do not forget about the referral program, you can receive 7% from each contribution of your invited partner.

Stock. 30 percent in addition to the deposit, until Monday
Dec-9-2017 04:22:32 PM
Hello. In connection with the recent gigantic jumps in bitcoin, we have an impressive reserve.
Therefore, we declare a 30% share to each new deposit. The promotion will last until Monday inclusive.
Congratulations to all with prizes, now you can earn even more.

Work without days off and raising the amount for maximum input.
Dec-6-2017 12:09:39 PM
Our fund is open every day, seven days a week. During the holidays we will work in the regular mode.
Since recently, we have started to cooperate with many popular monitoring and financial blogs. If you want to cooperate with us, please contact us with suggestions.
As for multiple deposits, we answer - deposits can be opened unlimited. Deposits are not summed, each works separately. The profit from all deposits can be reinvested from the total balance of your account. In occasion of work with bitcoin - read the rules and FAQ or write online consultants.
It was also decided to raise the maximum amount to enter up to $ 50,000 for 1 time.
An experienced team works for you, which will help you in any matter.

2 deposit period and 3 million turnover!
Nov-25-2017 04:26:51 PM
Hello, we passed only 2 deposit stages and have already achieved impressive turnover - 3 million dollars!
Such results are shown by some CryptoCurrency bourses, and we are quite a young company and have already well stated about ourselves!
With the growth of our reputation, we have more authoritative partners, which is very good for our development.
Sincerely, administrator.
The first deposit stage.
Nov-14-2017 10:10:46 PM
Good afternoon. We have overcome the first deposit stage with very good results.
Our site together with its participants receive stable payments.
Legal issues
Nov-6-2017 10:22:31 AM
We inform all participants that our company is officially registered and has all the relevant documents.
We also have a license for the use of software and a certificate of personal data protection.
All this will provide us with reliable and stable operation of our site.
The official opening.
Oct-30-2017 12:37:24 PM
Hello dear investors. Today our site starts accepting deposits.
When organizing this site, we provided maximum data security and excellent functionality.
Now we are closely cooperating with many CryptoCurrency exchanges and resources, with which we will work and make a profit.
Administration of CRYPTO NET